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Additional Services

Hunting and Fishing Licenses

True to being Your Full-Service Bank, Readlyn Savings Bank is happy to be an official vendor of hunting and fishing licenses for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Please stop in and get your licenses during our normal lobby hours: Monday-Wednesday & Friday 8:30 to 3pm, Thursdays until 6pm.

Safety Deposit Boxes

NOTE: Safe Deposit Boxes are NOT FDIC-Insured

Safety deposit boxes are a safe and inexpensive way to secure your important documents and valuables.

They can be used for storing car titles, wills, real estate deeds, contracts, passports, marriage certificates, birth certificates, savings bonds, collector coins, stamps, jewelry, and other precious valuables. Some people look at safety deposit boxes as very inexpensive insurance.

Rental fees vary with box size and boxes are subject to availability.

Trust Services

NOTE: Trust Services are NOT FDIC-Insured

Readlyn Savings Bank gladly offers trust services to our customers.

One type of trust are conservatorships for families and individuals who need assistance with financial matters in caring for their loved ones.

RSB will also serve as trustee of a customer's burial trust. A burial trust is a pre-arranged agreement that sets aside money through a Certificate of Deposit (CD) to pay for funeral services and burial. The funds are safe, earn a competitive interest rate, are readily available to your selected funeral home, and reduce financial worries during the grieving process.

Utility Bills

As a service to our community you may drop your monthly Readlyn City bill payments at Readlyn Savings Bank. If you are an RSB customer you may also make arrangements with City Hall to have your City bill automatically debited from your RSB checking or savings account. RSB also accepts Readlyn Telephone Company bill payments.

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