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Enjoy the convenience and savings of ATM and Debit Cards! Debit Cards can work just like an ATM card at Automated Teller Machines. Both come with the advantages of SHAZAM Privileged Status - You pay no surcharge wherever You see the Privileged Status logo! There are 50 SHAZAM Privileged Status ATM's in the area of Readlyn, Waverly, Waterloo, and Cedar Falls. Go to SHAZAM.net and click the ATM Locator > Privileged Status ATM List to find one near you! Both can be used to make Point-of-Sale (POS) purchases and take cash (when you choose the "DEBIT" option and your PIN#).

RSB Visa Debit Card Advantages:

  • Savings ~ Reduce check printing costs; get cash back to avoid surcharges!
  • Ease ~ Itemization of purchases on your monthly statement!
  • Convenience ~ Write fewer checks; the RSB Visa Debit Card is widely accepted!


(The RSB Visa Debit Card is settled on the Visa network but it is not a credit card.  However, you can choose the "CREDIT" payment option when making purchases and you don't need to enter your PIN# - just sign instead. When you pay at the pump and choose "CREDIT" you don't need to sign. If you're getting cash back you choose "DEBIT" and enter your PIN#.)

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